A chapter entirely dedicated to L.P-M.’s recently rediscovered devotion to the Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus.

An impromptu reading of this statement, without entering into the details behind it, might lead to a certain disorientation. Therefore, I wish to introduce certain questions that will undoubtedly help to put both the character and the chapter itself in its rightful place.

Who could be interested in such a personal question?

The answer is very simple… and at once highly complex.

The obstinacy in rendering a reality such as this, as intimate as it is socially visual, may well be the by-product of my own need—or duty—to oversharpen the pencil. Perhaps this chapter should never have seen the light of day. Nonetheless, it is obvious to me that if things had not happened as we can see them on these pages, we would have surely missed an, at the very least, uncommon creative landscape. I must say that the person in question never objected to the idea and that during the whole process he enthusiastically and diligently took part in it. Furthermore, I infer that he allowed himself to be photographically manipulated to the limits, aware that the outcome of my manoeuvring, together with the refinement of his performance, would undoubtedly contribute to positively develop his still tender religious baggage.

After an emotionally conflictive period that is not worth addressing here, Luis Pérez-Mínguez recently found shelter in the higher celestial realms.

He brought me up to date about the new reality and it took me some time to accept it. I even considered the possibility that he was pulling my leg as he had done so many times before. But that wasn’t the case. “Everything happened naturally, and we don’t have to look for further explanations. It does me good, and that’s what matters.”

If we want to fully acknowledge the meaning of that effervescent, impersonal shift in the combined artistic development we are dealing with here, we must go back around the corner and take for granted that the existence of this dynamo—notwithstanding the physical limitations he has suffered since his teens—hasn’t known, nor knows, any limits. And I wish to believe that this new situation is nothing but a congenital expansion of his/our own tangential perspectives.

The truth is that from now on, for our working operational, we would have to count on the additional subject matter of churches and their celebrations, cloisters, boundary crosses, sanctuaries and so on and so forth. Something never seen before.

Strange as it might seem, we have managed to incorporate all this relatively easily into our daily routine. And we make it public in this project, so it will be recorded in the minutes.

Leaving aesthetic satisfactions to one side, I also testify to my personal enrichment in terms of a more versatile practice.

After twenty five years of adventures on an egalitarian level, never before had I the esoteric feeling of functioning in a dimension different from his. I have to accept that the direct influence of the attached religion is implicit in this. I have got to the point of feeling myself a squire, an altar boy, an assistant, a nosy parker, a bailiff and a guide dog for the blind at the same time. I hope it’s all for the best.

Annexe to Devotion. L.P-M

To what is spirituality treasured in Devotion. The evolution of my spirituality has radically touched the very nerve of our creative relationship. Sharing extremes is also positive. I’m here, you’re there, and hey, everything still flows. And how! You will think I’m nuts, but what you have decided to call “Devotion” has, to my eyes, a clear reflection in the levitation of a state of grace in our harmoniously related spirits. The perseverance in the exponential endeavour of living. The daily awakening to a new life reflected in the images and in the shared movements. Intervening somehow in my current experience of understanding love. Synchrony. Devotion Art.