From Resnou to nadaNUEVO2. In hindsight and carefully examined, both processes are connected. Twenty years always playing the lead role. Yet it has nothing to do with today’s indiscriminate, tiring exhibitionism. In our case, it is about methodical, reasoned processes, from which forms flow and vice versa. Their natural destination: a la carte figures. Specific raw material. With a shared specific weight. The intimate, the private, the public. It happens in the field of creation. Ways of living, of feeling motivated by situations based on joint input. We could say that, above anything else, what we are is testers of situations. Specialists. Expert tasters of contexts with aesthetic and/or philosophical droit du seigneur.

In Resnou it was chance. In NothingNew, the need to become again. Chance with method. Method without coincidence. Coincidence and technique. Technique without an aftertaste. Clarity.

Self-portrait.- Painting, sculpture or photography of a person made by him/herself.

The academic rule is largely ignored in nN2. Self-portraits indeed, but made by four, six and even eight hands. Provoking the scene, focalising its later use purpose, choosing the absolutely essential from the whole, initially communal, limbo-like iconography will ideologically demarcate its identity as a work at the end of the process.